Fees at Dotypay

What fees will you pay for a payment card transaction?

For the fee we offer, we use the MIF ++ scheme, which is based on the regulation of the European Parliament and the Council from 2015 and is mandatory for all payment solution providers. The advantage of this type of billing is its transparency and fairness.

Fee Scheme

An amount consisting of three parts is deducted from each transaction that the customer pays for you via the payment terminal.


Transaction processing fee

Sometimes this fee is called ACQ fee (Acquirer fee) hence the Dotypay fee

Fee to the issuing bank

This fee is sometimes called the Interchange Fee. For example, if you have a payment card from a domestic bank, the bank that gave you the card will receive this fee.

This fee is partially regulated for private cards up to a maximum of 0.2% of the transaction value when paying by debit card and 0.3% of the transaction value when paying by credit card. Other commercial cards are not regulated and the fee may be higher

Fee for card companies

Or Scheme Fee. This fee is charged by Visa or Mastercard, depending on which card the customer pays for you. It consists of a percentage commission from the transaction and a fixed amount.

This fee changes to the type of card used, namely Credit, Debit, whether it is Visu or Mastercard. The amount of this fee is determined by the card companies Visa and Mastercard without regard to Solitea Pay and can therefore be changed by these card companies.

Sample examples of fees (regular / business fee)

Your customer wants to pay CZK 1,000 for their purchase. Own MasterCard debit card issued to a personal account with your bank.
How much do you pay for a transaction through the terminal?

An example of a regular MasterCard


Dotypay fee


Customer's bank

0,0265% + 0,28 Kč

Mastercard fee


Fee Total
(1,21% + 0,28 Kč)

An example of a MasterCard business card


Dotypay fee


Publisher fee (interchange)

0,213 + 0,04%

Mastercard fee

2,53% + 0,213Kč

Fee total

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Settlement of transactions D+3

Disbursement of all payments from a day as all transactions in one payment to merchant account (merchant saves on bank transaction fees)

Day D

- Completing the transaction
- Sending transactions to VISA/MC

Day D+1

- Processing transactions in VISA/MC

Day D+2

- VISA/MC sends money to Nexi
- Nexi sends money to merchants

Day D+3

- The merchant receives the money in the account

Nexi Central Europe, a.s. with which you have concluded a contract, on behalf of Dotypay s.r.o.

Fees Table

What is the fee for the issuing bank and card companies at Dotypay?

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