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Payment terminal for free – the most modern cashless payment solution with the option of installing a cash register application

FREE rental

or 299 € (Acquisition fee)

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You pay as you wish

For payment

by cards

For payment

by vouchers

Customized transaction fee

The amount of the transaction fee depends on your turnover – that is, the higher the turnover, the lower the transaction fee we will offer you.

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How to easily get a payment terminal for free

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You will show interest on this page

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We will prepare a tailor-made price offer

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You sign the contract

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We will send you the configured terminal

Smart terminal you can use it almost everywhere

Dotypay uses a modern type of payment terminal,
Which is also referred to as a “smart terminal”. You will use
him in all cases.

Come to us

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You get a modern touch terminal

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It is more advantageous for us

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Our terminal supports cash register applications

Navíc vám dáme LTE Internet zdarma!

Are you interested in a payment terminal for free?

Just fill in your name and contact details and we will get back to you soon!

    On weekdays 8:00 – 19:00 / on the weekend 9:00 – 17:00

    Suitable as a mobile waiter

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    Use the Mobile Waiter application on the payment terminal, it has many advantages.

    Do you want more terminals?

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    Quantity discounts

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    The lowest fee on the market

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    One user portal for managing all terminals

    If you are interested in more payment terminals for free, we will make a tailor-made offer for you.

    Support for systems and functions

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    SIM card

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    LAN connection in the dock station

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    for the whole day

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    Connection with the cash register

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    Calculate your fees

    An amount consisting of three parts is deducted from each transaction that the customer pays for you via the payment terminal.

    For the fee we offer, we use the MIF ++ scheme, which is based on the regulation of the European Parliament and the Council from 2015 and is mandatory for all payment solution providers. The advantage of this type of billing is its transparency and fairness.

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    Fee for card companies

    Scheme Fee – the fee is charged by Visa or Mastercard

    Fee to the issuing bank

    Interchange Fee – fee to the bank that issued the card

    Transaction processing fee

    Fee for Dotypay

    • RENT
    • SALE

    Achieve the required turnover every month and you can rent the terminal for free!

    How does it work?

    To rent a payment terminal, we will calculate a transaction fee and a minimum monthly fee, which is paid from each transaction in the amount of the transaction fee, so that once you reach the required turnover, the rental of the payment terminal is FREE.

    No binding
    2 month notice period
    No initial investment


    in the case of a standard transaction fee 0,99% and a minimum monthly fee 14 €

    When do I not pay?

    In case your turnover exceeds 1 414 € per month YOU DO NOT PAY minimum monthly fee 14 €.

    When do I pay extra?

    In the event that your turnover reaches only 800 € per month, you pay the minimum monthly fee 6 € for rent.

    The minimum monthly fee that you will receive from us together with the service provider fee (Dotypay). The minimum monthly fee means that you pay a fee for each transaction and this fee is added up to the value of the minimum monthly fee, which is CZK 350 as standard. For multiple terminals, the turnovers at the terminals together with the minimum fee are added together, so you can meet the total turnover at any terminal.

    299 €
    361,80 € / with VAT
    When you buy a payment terminal, you no longer pay any minimum or fixed monthly fees.
    12 month warranty.
    You can charge the payment terminal.
    You only pay for transaction fees, which are determined individually based on your turnover.

    Payment terminal accessories

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    Internet Access

    + SIM LTE

    Price on request

    Docking station

    + fast charging

    Price on request

    Docking station Wi-Fi

    + fast charging
    + ports LAN/RJ45
    + connection of cash drawer and scales

    Price on request

    Stand for payment terminal

    + revolving
    + metal

    Price on request