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    Payment terminal from Dotypay

    Everything you need you will find in one device.

    Connect the terminal to the cash register

    Connecting the terminal to the cash register has many advantages

    Faster service

    You can serve all your guests quickly and clearly.

    Higher profits

    Thanks to the fast synchronization with the cash register, the data remains in one place.

    Greater customer satisfaction

    Thanks to the shorter order and payment time, you will get satisfied customers

    Supported cash register systems:

    Where can you use Dotypay?

    Reliable, feature-packed
    payment terminal


    Take advantage of advanced tipping options.

    Entering a variable symbol

    When you need a variable symbol on a receipt or statement.

    Multi TID

    Multiple customers (VAT) on one device.

    Customer portal (Cloud)

    With us, you have all the information in one place.

    Track statistics and analysis of your business in real time, you can easily manage all payment functions, terminals, companies and establishments.

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