funkce platebního terminálu dotypay

Payment application functions

Any bank account

You do not need to change your bank account with us, we will send the money to any bank.

Language (CZ/SK/EN)

Our payment application can speak both Czech and Slovak and English.

Payment support

We support all commonly used payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

Sales function

Standard sale, return of transaction, cancellation of last transaction, tips.

Advanced features

In our application, you also have several advanced functions available, such as reports and deadlines.

Transactions in the Cloud

View and filter all transactions anytime, anywhere online.

Attribution of transactions

In the Czech Republic, we will credit your money every fourth day after receiving the transaction.

Variable symbol

Do you need a variable symbol on the receipt and statement? We will be happy to activate this function for you.

Multi TID

Multiple customers (VAT) on one device.

We are further preparing for this year

Acceptance of payment cards and meal vouchers

Payment cards

Meal vouchers

Customer portal

Anyone who has a payment terminal from us has a customer account maintained for FREE on our portal. Through this system, it is possible to remotely enable or disable various functions on the terminal and thus control its settings. Gradually, we will add other functions to the portal, which you will manage yourself through the portal, and especially we are preparing statements and an overview of transactions for you.

funkce platebního terminálu dotypay

You can see it on our portal today

Companies and branches

An overview of your companies that use our services, including all your branches or establishments

Payment functions

The portal is also used to verify your identity in order to activate the payment functions on the terminal, which are required by anti-money laundering laws. That is why the portal is equipped with a check-in function, where you write information about you and your company on an electronic form, upload your identity card to a secure storage together with a confirmation of account management, to which we will pay you funds for transactions at your terminal.

Terminals and services

The list of payment terminals for which you can see their identification, the list of services activated on the terminal when the terminal was last online and the version of the payment terminal system.

Statistics and analysis

We will soon enable the portal to monitor turnovers on your terminals, transactions for individual days with a detailed overview of used cards, deadlines and other statistics, which can also be downloaded in PDF or XML format. different establishments that you will be able to compare in real time or with historical data.

Dotypay device

Dotypay uses a modern type of payment terminal, which is also called a “smart terminal”. You are definitely interested in who the terminal is suitable for.

You can use the touch terminal almost everywhere

funkce platebního terminálu dotypay

In the shop

funkce platebního terminálu dotypay

In a car

funkce platebního terminálu dotypay

On the road

funkce platebního terminálu dotypay

In the city

funkce platebního terminálu dotypay

On the market

funkce platebního terminálu dotypay

In the office

funkce platebního terminálu dotypay

In restaurant

funkce platebního terminálu dotypay

On reception

Funkce platebního terminálu dotypay

Technical Specifications

funkce platebního terminálu dotypay


Li-ion 2600 mAh x 7.2V

funkce platebního terminálu dotypay


Bluetooth, 4G, Micro USB

funkce platebního terminálu dotypay

Touch display

IPS 1280x720 pixels


Android 5.1. payment security system


Cortex-A9 Quad-Core

Fiscal module





5MPX, auto flash, autofocus


PCI PTS 4.0 / PCI PTS 5.0 (on order)


NFC Reader, IC card Reader

Thermal printer

58mm width x 40mm


183 x 84 x 64 mm


Docking station

Dotypay fast charging dock
9 x 14 x 3 cm, 0,07 kg

35,- € / 42,- € with VAT

Docking station Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi docking station for fast charging, connection of a cash drawer, barcode scanner and connection of a balance. It also contains ports LAN, USB-A, USB-B a COM.
9 x 17 x 4 cm, 0,015 kg

40,- € / 48,- € with VAT

Stojan pro Dotypay

Stabilní otočný stojan pro Dotypay. Stojan je vyroben z kvalitní oceli a umožní pevně uchytit terminál tak, aby se na něm dobře pracovalo.
10,5 x 24,5 x 17 cm, 1 kg

45,- € / 54,- € with VAT

Internetové připojení SIM LTE

Při prechodu od konkurence

100 Kč / Měsiční poplatek

Applications and cash register systems

Supported cash register systems and applications directly on Dotypay devices,
which you will find in the APP Market directly on the device.

Interconnected accounting programs
and cash register systems

What does interconnection mean and what are the benefits?
The superior accounting or cash register system automatically sends the amount to the device for payment, so the terminal operator does not have to overwrite the amount and thus there is less error rate but also higher speed when handling customers. After the transaction, the terminal returns information to the control system about the result of the payment transaction.

The link may also include other benefits for posting documents, in particular it may transmit additional data on the basis of which transactions are automatically posted and processed.

Supported cash
register systems

accounting programs


funkce platebního terminálu dotypay

Advantages of connecting the terminal to the cash register

Didn't find your system here?

For developers

Here you will find documentation for developers working with Dotypay systems.

Payment protocol – a description of the protocol on how to initiate payments on the external payment terminal.