Operating system
for partners and financial institutions

Dotypay is the operating system on which all Dotypay devices run. The system is developed directly under Dotypay, thanks to which it is perfectly optimized.

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White labeling
Dotypay OS in your colors

If you become our integration partner, you can also order white-labeling of the Dotypay OS operating system. We will adjust the system so that it contains the logo of your company and your colors and thus present your brand.

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Payment applications

Dotypay develops its own payment applications on the Android operating system, regardless of the device used, so it is also suitable for partners on their own devices. Our application supports several types of devices from different vendors.

TMS - Terminal management system

Dotypay has its own system for terminal control and management. This portal also serves as a Customer portal for displaying payments and active terminals under the account.

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